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List of terms used in Chiiz app
Chiiz = application name
a chiiz = a challenge
chiiz = challenge
a connection = a user you follow
a friend = a user who also follows you
a follower = a user who follows you
a success = a winning chiiz
an equality = chiiz with a score of parity
a defeat = a lost chiiz
a message = a comment attached to a photo


How to send a chiiz?
To send a chiiz, click to the pink circular button which is at the bottom right of the news feed or via a friend's profile.
What is the function of pink circular button shown a camera?
Pink circular button shown a camera used to take a photo with the device being used.
What is the function of pink circular button shown a photo?
Pink circular button shown a photo to select a photo from the device image library in use.
Is it possible to cancel a chiiz sent or being sent?
No, it is not possible to cancel a chiiz sent or being sent.
How to remove a chiiz?
To request removal chiiz, click to the notification of the statement chiiz then the 3 points at the top right of the window.
Your opponent then gets notified by a removal request and will have to confirm the request for the chiiz be permanently deleted.
Is it possible to send a chiiz to a specific user not being part of my group of friends?
No, it is not possible to send a chiiz tu a user do not form part of your group of friends.
Is it possible to send a chiiz to a Chiiz user selected randomly and don't part form of my group of friends?
Yes, by selecting "random user" when sending a chiiz.
Is it possible to send a chiiz to a connection?
No, it must also follow you to be able to chiiz him.
What is the difference between a public chiiz and a private chiiz?
Public chiiz is visible to all users of the application while a private chiiz is only visible by users of your group of friends.
How to define a public or private chiiz?
The choice between a public chiiz or a private chiiz occurs when sending a chiiz.
It's also possible to set the default in the application settings.
Is it possible to change a public chiiz already published private chiiz, and vice versa?
No, once the choice is made, it's final.
How to take up a chiiz?
To take up a chiiz, click on a push notification or a notification from the notifications tab in the main window.
How to vote?
To vote, click on one of the two hearts that are in the pictures of chiiz.
What is the objective of the vote?
The objective of the votes is to win points to level up and allow your friends to win chiiz.
Can I vote for one of my chiiz?
No, it's not possible to vote for one of your chiiz, whether a chiiz sent or statement chiiz.
Is it possible to change my vote for a chiiz?
Yes, it is possible to change your vote to a chiiz if the remaining time hasn't elapsed.
What is the time limit to vote?
The time limit for voting for a chiiz is 24h from the time the chiiz was taken up by a user.
How to update the remaining time of a chiiz?
Click on the remaining time of a chiiz for updating it. If the time is up, you can't update it.
What is the time limit to take up a chiiz?
There is no time limit to take up a chiiz.
How to display the location of a chiiz?
To display the location of a chiiz, click the icon represented by a rounded triangle.

Rankings and Points

What does the ranking of my groups?
The ranking of your groups corresponds to the classification of users makes part of one of your groups (friends, connections and followers).
What does the world ranking?
The world ranking is the ranking of all Chiiz users.
What is the function of the rankings?
The rankings have the function to follow the evolution of user levels.
They are based on the user's points.
To level up, you only win points obtained by participating on the application. More you participate, you will have more points, more your level will be high and therefore better your position in the rankings.
How to win points?
Here are the different methods to obtain points:
Successful (victorious chiiz): 30 points
Equality (draw chiiz): 10 points
A defeat (lost chiiz): 0 points
A taken up chiiz: 5 points for the 2 participants
A vote = 1 point (for the user who voted)
One connection per day = 1 point


What is a group?
A group is a list of users.
What are the differences between groups of friends, connections and followers?
Friends group: you and other users of the group you follow each other and you can therefore chiiz
Connections group: you follow a user but it does not follow you
Follower group: users follow you, but you don't follow
Which group is added to a user?
If the user does not follow you, it's added to your connections group.
If the user has already added you, it's added to your friends group.
The followers group is users who follow you, but you don't follow them.
What is a friend?
A friend is a person you follow and follow you too.
In other words, you follow each public and private activities of a user and you can also send and take up chiiz.
What is a connection?
A connection is a user that you follow but don't follow you.
In other words, you follow the public activity of a connection.
What is a follower?
A follower is a user who follows your public activities on Chiiz app, but you don't follow him.
What is the bond between followers and connections?
If a user is part of your followers, then you are one of his connections.
How to meet friends from your contacts?
To meet friends, go in your groups and click "Find Friends".
How to add a user in a group?
To add a user in a group, go to the profile and click to the "Follow" or "Become a friend."
How stop follow a user's activities?
To stop follow a user's activities, visit the user's profile and click to the button "Friend" or "follower."


Who can see my profile?
All users of the application can see your profile.


How are indicated notifications?
Notifications are indicated with push notifications and in the third tab of the main window.
What is a push notification?
A push notification is a message sent to your device and is linked to the application.
The push notification is sent and reported even if the application is closed. It takes the form of a message in the system tray of your device.
How to enable or disable a push notification?
To enable or disable push notifications, go in the application settings accessible from the main menu.


What is the function of research?
The research function is to find users and chiiz.
How to find a user or htag?
To research a user, start research with @ (@Mike).
To research a htag, start research with # (#holidays).
What is a htag?
A htag is a word preceded by # (#holidays).

Disconnecting and unsubscribe

How to log out of the application?
To log out of the application click to the "Logout" in the main menu.
How to unsubscribe from the application?
To unsubscribe from the Chiiz application, go to Settings and click on the 3 little points on the top right of the window.


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